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How to Clean Window Treatments

Posted on  |  2015-03-20

Cleaning time can vary depending on the materials used as window treatments. For example, you may have a curtain material that requires dry-cleaning. If this is the case, then the procedure consists of taking them down and delivering them to the local dry cleaner of your choice. If they’re machine-washable, then the process consists of taking them down and putting them in the washer according to their instructions.

However, if you have vinyl blinds, the cleaning procedure is a bit more complicated. Usually, people set up a cleaning station outside on their driveway where they can wash down both sides. Once the blinds have been cleaned carefully, they will let them dry and simply re-hang them.

Wood can be cleaned by hand, but usually requires a special product. Because it is so sensitive to chemicals, you should be very careful about what you apply to them. They should maintain their original shine and color, and this can be damaged with really strong cleaning agents. If you’re unsure, you can always ask the window treatment professional who sold you the item what they recommend.

It’s better if you do this on a regular basis, so it doesn’t take a long time to complete. By dusting or wiping them down once a week, dust and grime will have less of a chance to build up. It cuts down on the time required and ensures your family is not breathing any more dust or particles than necessary.

Each type of window treatment has its own level of care. Learn what it is right away and your home will always look great.

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