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In this page manhattanshades.com provides some much needed information for those who are in search for blinds, drapes or window treatment in New York City.

Tips for Hanging Curtains

Hanging curtains can definitely be considered an art depending on how long they are, where they are being installed and
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DIY Shower Curtain Ideas

The bathroom is a room of the house where people really enjoy expressing themselves. It could be anything from neutral a
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How to Choose the Right Window Treatment

When it comes to choosing a window treatment, you need to consider the general design of the room. For example, if you h
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How to Measure Windows for Window Treatments

Measuring before you order window treatments is very important, but sometimes clients are unaware of how to do this. It&
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Ideas for Children’s Window Treatments

Anything you use in a child’s room should be considered safe. Sometimes, using blinds is not the best idea because
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About Hunter Douglas Window Fashions

Hunter Douglas has built their reputation around providing not only beautiful, but also energy efficient window treatmen
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Window Blinds for Your Kitchen

When you’re choosing window blinds for your kitchen, you should think about more than the design aspect. Yes, you
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How to Clean Window Treatments

Cleaning time can vary depending on the materials used as window treatments. For example, you may have a curtain materia
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How to Hang a Window Scarf

Hanging a window scarf requires that you do a bit of measuring first. This is to check and see how low you want it to ha
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How to Make Curtains

Making curtains can be a really fun and easy project, however there is a bit more to it than just sewing a seam on each
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the Benefit of Motorized Shades

There is really nothing more frustrating than trying to open window shades and finding that they are stuck or not functi
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the Benefit of Energy Efficient Shades

A rising problem for many families these days, due to the harsh economy, is how they are going to pay their bills and st
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Designed Window Fashion

When it comes to your window treatments in New York and window fashions, there are a wide variety of choices available.&
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Sound Reduced Shades

There are few things in life more annoying than a loud neighbor’s car that wakes you up before your alarm clock is
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Environmental Green Shades

These days, with so many concerns over the environment, it is no wonder that people are looking into alternative options
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